Roof maintenance using the information and details provided by an infrared roof inspection is one of the best investments homeowners can make. Infrared roof inspections can add years to the service life of a roof and find energy loss due to wet insulation. Infrared roof surveys provide the diagnostic information needed for a roof maintenance program, planning your budgets and empowering you to make the right decision concerning repairs, replacement or resurfacing.

Another benefit of infrared testing is that you can save on energy costs. Wet insulation has a lower “R” value than dry material thus providing less thermal resistance.

How Does an Infrared Roof Inspection Work?

Water that enters the roof surface becomes absorbed and trapped. This water becomes the catalyst that helps infrared thermal imaging equipment to identify and locate problem areas.

Below are examples of thermal images that were taken inside a home.

An interior thermal leak detection report is available upon request for an additional charge. Access to the property will be necessary.